Landscaping Services

Providing installation, maintenance, and lawn care services to residential clients and property managers in the Ottawa area.


All work is guaranteed to meet or exceeds industry standards. 

Installation services include:

  • Construction of ponds, steps, walkways and retaining walls – all hard surface installations are guaranteed for two years from the date of completion
  • Planting of trees and flowers, including care guide – all woody plants are guaranteed for 1 year
  • Installation of drainage pipe and window wells
  • Mulch, compost, river rock
  • Interlock repairs (lift and relay) (no guarantee can be made for a base that isn’t built by Fitzgerald Landscaping)


Keep your property neat and tidy with professional gardening and landscape maintenance services provided by staff with extensive knowledge of herbaceous and woody plant needs. Enjoy healthiest, most aesthetically pleasing garden on the block.
  • All care is provided to ensure optimal growth
  • Thoroughly weed all garden beds, deadhead and prune all plant material as needed
  • Cultivate, rake and edge the beds as necessary.
  • While work is being done, trained staff scan the garden for pests and disease
  • In the fall, cut back perennials, rake leaves and cover delicate shrubs
  • Tree and hedge trimming for small trees 10’ or less and hedges that are fence height (7’ maximum height) –  trees and shrubs need to be pruned at certain times of the year depending on the species to ensure blooms in the following season.  Our trained horticulturists are knowledgeable of the different needs of each species 
  • Other property maintenance services, such as pressure washing, painting, staining decks and driveway sealing

Lawn Care

Keep your lawn green and healthy with our spring and fall lawn care services.  Services are offered individually or in a bundle.

  • Lawn mowing services: weekly and single visits.​ The mowing season runs from the mid May until the end of October, an equivalent of 25 visits for weekly service.
  • All lawn cutting service include cutting grass to 2.5″ using a mulching lawn mower 
  • The clippings are left to decompose in the lawn and provide nutrients for the soil – bag options also available for clippings
  • Edges are trimmed properly, cut to the same length of the mow, no burning of the edges to the soil which allows weeds and crabgrass to grow along the edges of the lawn
  • Clippings are blown off the hard surfaces and out of garden beds
  • Litter removal at no extra cost (within reason) 
  • Animal waste removal (additional fee)
  • Other lawn services:  aeration, dethatching, fertilizer application, overseeding and top dressing.

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