Pineview Front Garden

Front garden clean up

Pineview Street View

Cleaning up the front garden

Pineview Backyard

The perennials where covered in weeds and they didn’t grow well under there. The plants need some TLC. Our job was to remove the overgrown weeds and brush.

Spring Pruning

Rose bushes I pruned in the spring

Stanley Ave. Gardens

Fitzgerald took care of the weeding and planting existing beds

Stanley Ave. Yard

After planting and making bed. I added compost and tilled. Finally we seeded the areas where the grass is thin from being walked on. 


Trimmed overgrown spireas back so they can all grow evenly next spring.

Fall Clean Up

Preparing the gardens for the winter season ahead.

Bye Bye Grubs!

Tilled front lawn to soften up the grass for removal of lawn and 4′ of old soil as this lawn was infected with grubs. New sod was laid.

Front Yard Cleanup

Spring clean up: weeding and mulching.

Goutweed Takeover

This small property had out of control goutweed. We dug up as many rhizomes as possible, then tilled + raked the rest of the area.

Spring Clean

Clean up of garden beds in a backyard in New Edinburough

Grubs, Racoons, & Dogs

This lawn was damaged from grubs and dog urine. We treated it by applying nematodes, performing core aeration, dethatching, overseeding and fertilizer application.

Cedar Replacement

A dead cedar needed to be replaced at a home in the south end.

Blocked View

We removed a rose bush from in front of a window, as it had been obstructing the view.

Lawn Care

Front yard – ensuring your lawn is kept neat and tidy, all season long!

Tree Removal Clean up

The city removed a tree and left it in this state. Fitzgerald Landscaping came to the rescue!


The 2018 season has just begun, but we already have some fantastic samples to showcase.

There will be more to come as the 2018 season progresses.


Meadowbrook Cleanup

Meadowbrook before cleanup and after cleanup.  Mulch and annuals not done yet in photos.

Real Estate Ready

A house on that we weeded and mulched before it went up for sale

Custom Walkway

The original walkway had been badly built, leading to chipmunks making a nest under the walkway. We dug out the sinking walkway and put in a proper base. We replaced the slabs with pavers of the client’s choosing.

Snow Removal

Never worry about coming home to a driveway covered in snow again!

Season Highlights

Additional samples of projects from Fitzgerald Landscaping’s second season in business.


2016 Highlights

Samples of work from Fitzgerald Landscaping’s first season in business. This was a partial season as the business was founded on July 25, 2016.

Algonquin College

Projects that Rita worked on as a student at Algonquin College Horticultural Industries Program in 2014-2015.

These were done during our hands on portion of the course and are displayed in the gardens at the college.

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